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premier brake pads

Ferodo Premier brake pads are one of the European aftermarket’s favorite names, bringing you safe, reliable braking – every time you need it. As the choice of leading European vehicle manufacturers such as Fiat, Ford, Renault and Volkswagen, our brake pads deliver top-of-the-line original equipment (OE) quality and expertise.

ferodo premier brake pads

Premier Delivers superior braking performance

  • You’re in control of stopping distance

In a dry-pavement highway braking test conducted at the MIRA proving ground in the U.K., Ferodo brake pads stopped the vehicle 13 feet sooner than the next-best performing competitor’s brake pad.* That's the size of an average sedan on the road today.

  • You’re in control of coverage

As 98% of European import vehicles in North America are covered, you have an extensive choice of parts. Ferodo works tirelessly on innovation and development to make sure you always have access to the latest products and the greatest possible coverage.

  • You’re in control of technology

Vehicle-specific friction material formulations deliver ultimate control, with minimal stopping distances. Shims and chamfers keep noise levels down while maintaining top performance.  Extra durability and reduced wear is achieved by matching our friction material formulation to the vehicle application type. A specially-designed thermal underlayer ensures outstanding heat dissipation, reducing the possibility of brake fade.

  • Homologated for the best-selling car in Europe

Ferodo is fitted on the Volkswagen Golf, the best-selling car in Europe, as well as many other top-selling models such as Ford Focus and Renault Clio. In fact, Federal-Mogul is a global leader in the OE market, with a trusted name and pedigree of innovation.

*Speed 50 mph, competitor testing done in Europe between 2010 and 2014 following European industry standards, conducted by Federal Mogul engineers.


Quick Look Benefits


Shorter stopping distance than competitors


Meets or exceeds OE specifications and regulations


Simple fitment on 99% of vehicles in Europe


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